Podiatric medicine

Whether you need treatment of a medical, orthopaedic or surgical nature, Podiart offers the full gamut of services in podiatry as recognized by the Quebec Order of Podiatrists, namely:

  • podiatric assessment and diagnosis;
  • prescription and development of the required treatment protocol;
  • surgical and orthopaedic interventions;
  • transmission of information and clinical follow-up.

Podiatric care

Comprehensive treatments intended to ensure the proper health and hygiene of your feet.

Foot health

These therapies and evaluations help treat various foot conditions and diseases such as plantar fasciitis, bunions (hallux abducto valgus), Morton's neuroma, flat feet, hammer toes:

  • comprehensive podiatric treatment;
  • biomechanical assessment;
  • podopaediatrics;
  • juvenile podiatry;
  • podogeriatrics;
  • sports podiatry;
  • surgical podiatry;
  • laser treatment.

Foot care

These preventative and maintenance care treatments include:

  • hydrotherapy (foot bath);
  • The examination, assessment, prescription, as well as debridement, excision, removal, thinning and burning procedures related to different wounds and discomforts, including:
    • corns and calluses;
    • fungus infected toenails (mycosis) and nail dystrophy;
    • ingrown nails (onychocryptosis);
    • plantar warts;
    • athlete's foot;
    • diabetic foot.

Foot correction

These foot correction services involve custom-made foot orthotics designed to correct physiological issues. They include:

  • biomechanical and postural assessment;
  • posture release imagery;
  • the prescription of orthotics for your feet.

Imagery Technology

Nos appareils d’imagerie médicale nous permettent de lire et d’interpréter des radiographies afin de diagnostiquer des pathologies. Les services offerts sont :

  • digital radiography;
  • ultrasound.

Our podiatrists are licensed practitioners under the Ordre des podiatres du Québec
(Order of Podiatrists of Quebec) and also hold licences in radiology.

Podiatric surgery

Specialized intervention methods for the treatment of the most complex foot issues.

Members of the Podiart Team have the necessary skills and training to operate and grow in a medical environment adapted to different methods and techniques related to podiatric surgery.

Various surgical interventions may be required for the treatment of local conditions while more complex orthopaedic issues are treated with surgery under anesthesia.

Operating room

Located at the podiatry clinic in Montreal, our operating room offers all the versatility required to perform our surgeries, from minor interventions for the treatment of local wounds to surgeries under anaesthesia for more complex orthopaedic issues.

Correction services are offered for:

  • Posture;
  • Alignment;
  • Deformities;
  • Various deviations affecting the bone and joint structure of the foot.

Surgical interventions namely for the following issues:

  • bunions (hallux abducto-valgus);
  • osteoarthritis (hallux limitus/rigidus);
  • hammer toe and claw toe;
  • morton's neuroma (pinched nerve);
  • flat feet;
  • plantar fasciitis;
  • cysts.

Surgical interventions are performed on the foot. They may involve ablation, reconstruction or excision procedures related to tendons, ligaments, muscles or bone structures.