The art of healing well

Podiart brings together health care professionals who are experts in the specialized treatment and care of your feet.

Our three podiatry clinics, located in Montreal, Brossard and Beloeil, work together for you. In short, Podiart offers:

Consultation rooms

Treatment rooms

An operating room

Technological equipment

Professional guidance

Our approach is based on compassion.

The members of our Podiart teams strive to offer you an experience of overall well-being.

Foot care clinics you can trust

With clinics well-established in their own right, including the Montreal clinic which has been in operation for the past forty years, Podiart is enjoying an ever-growing success.

Our objective is to leverage our know-how and our intervention techniques, whether medical, orthopaedic or surgical, in order to offer you all the benefits of podiatry.

We know what is good for you.

Our practices are carried out in accordance with working procedures prescribed and recognized by the podiatric medical community.

A professional and caring approach

Our podiatrists registrered, nurses and licensed practical nurses are your partners on the road to your well-being. We put our passion, our human values and our expertise at the service of the health of your feet.

Whether you need long, medium or short-term treatment, our teams are here to understand your needs, to support you and to build a relationship of trust with you.

Podiatric surgery

We treat the most complex issues relating to your feet.

Find out how

Podiatric medicine, a private practice not covered by the provincial health plan

Services provided in podiatric clinics are not covered by the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). However, several private insurance plans cover some costs for consultations, care and surgery related to podiatry. Please make sure to check with your insurance company

Fulfilling the requirements in the province of Quebec.

Podiart meets the established requirements under the Law on Podiatric Medicine (Loi sur la podiatrie) as regulated by the Quebec Department of Justice (Ministère de la Justice), and also carries a professional liability insurance.